Vinod Kambli lashes out over Virat kohli after defeat against Sri lanka!!



Cricket fans in India have extreme reactions after defeat against Sri lanka.India had started freshly before their first opening game.They won their both practice games against Bangladesh and second against New Zealand.And Indian cricket Team started brilliantly against first match against Pakistan.They brutally thrashed them on their first match against Pakistan and won by a big margin of 124 runs.But suddenly didn’t work in their second game against Sri Lanka.After scoring a huge total of 319 runs they couldn’t managed to save that total.After losing against Sri Lanka Vinod kambli lashes over Virat kohli.He said that virat kohli doesn’t have that vision against Sri lanka.Before their second match virat kohli was busy with his charity gala dinner.

Vinod kambli said that he had not vision against Sri lanka.He also said that virat kohli should take lesson from Pakistan.Pakistan managed to get their first victory after a marginal defeat against Indian cricket team.


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