Final Champions 2017 Trophy: India v Pakistan


Finally the day has arrived we got our two finalists in CT final.Its none other than India and its arch rival Pakistan.Eight team entered with determine mindset to get that trophy.But it always says that only two team enters in finals.The journey of this tournament had been beautiful since two weeks.There are so many ups and downs and shocking results we have seen.

India dominate throughout the whole tournament.But the performance didn’t work out versus Sri Lanka match.But how so ever they managed to get their momentum in South  Africa match and entered in Semi’s proudly.Semi’s was one sided match for India.They easily managed to get victory which leads them into finals.

On other side Pakistan never expected to go through this whole tournament.They brutally thrashed in their first against India.But get their momentum with some fortune to win their all matches in league stage.The big surprise came in Semi’s when they beat everyone’s favorite England and entered into finals.Now India and Pakistan will play their first ICC Champions Trophy finals.Both team will met again after ten long years in any ICC events.


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