What the Fuck is wrong with Virat Kohli?

Pic credit: Getty Image

I am not probably using that F word in the title of this article.But the scenario in today’s cricketing world is changed completely.In earlier we worshiped our teachers or mentors as a God,because they had showed the path to success.We had not done anythings which hurts their feelings.But in today’s world things are completely changed.I am not talking about any rivalry between any two countries or India or Pakistan.I am talking about recently on going cold war between Indian cricket Team Captain “Mr. or The Virat Kohli” .His attitude or so called behavior towards Indian Cricket Team coach in all three formats Anil Kumble is so rude that everyone is criticizing Virat Kohli very badly.

In recent meeting between Captain aggressive and CoA and BCCI officials,the reports are coming that virat kohli doesn’t want Anil Kumble as a head coach of India.The Advisory committee settled cold war between captain and head coach.But the things didn’t work between them.Virat kohli was not in the favor of Anil Kumble as head coach.He said to CoA and BCCI officials that Anil Kumble strict behavior towards senior players is totally ruthless.Anil kumble is the only reason when India won consecutively 18 matches in Test series.He brings India to no. one ranking.Reports are coming that Virender Sehwag is the only contender to become India head coach in all three formats.We just hope he also brings that performance and continue legacy of India cricket.


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