Why Ravi Shastri is not so good for India Head Coach position?


After a long cold war between Ex-Indian Coach Anil Kumble and present Captain Virat Kohli,the CoA and advisory committee came after interviewing so many applicants for head coach of Indian Cricket Team.It is none other than India’s ex team director Ravi Shastri.Reports are coming that Virat kohli prefers Ravi Shastri over Anil Kumble.Anil Kumble strict behavior towards senior teammates is not so appropriate.And also he is in favor to hike coach remuneration as BCCI gave to Indian captain.

But if we look at Anil Kumble tenure with Indian cricket team was excellent.He made India to top of ICC test ranking.Because of Anil Kumble Indian Cricket Team was witnessed to 18 consecutive test victory.In recently performance India also qualified for ICC Champions Trophy.But removal of Anil Kumble as India head coach was his behavior towards senior team.They even don’t know the importance of Kumble.He is the only man from India to take 600 test wickets.His knowledge towards cricket is tremendous.

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